Our History

The inaugural meeting of the Blue Mountains District Associates Golf Association was held at Leura Golf Club on 12th December, 1929. B.M.D.A.G.A. was the third Country Association to be formed in New South Wales. In 1989 the title of B.M.D.A.G.A. was changed to the Blue Mountains District Ladies Golf Association (B.M.D.L.G.A.).

At the present time we have seven Clubs – Oberon, Portland, Lithgow, Blackheath, Leura, Wentworth Falls and Springwood. Unfortunately, Katoomba and Lawson are no longer with us as their golf courses have closed.

Being a small Association has some advantages; the major one being that all Clubs are within a reasonable travelling distance of one another. B.M.D.L.G.A. promotes and organizes golf through our Annual Tournament, Interclub Pennant Matches, various special days and Club Open Days, all of which contribute to the friendly relationships which exist amongst the Clubs and Players.